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Alamat : Jl. Raya Kupang Baru 8
No. Telepon : 031-7346789,7346449
Tahun Berdiri : 1992
Negeri/Swasta : Swasta
Website : http://www.ibmt.ac.id/
Fasilitas :
Lab/Pusat Bahasa



Global Perspective

All of our programmes are designed with a global perspective in mind. Students are given opportunities to get overseas exposure through benchmarking initiatives with partner institutions in Singapore / Malaysia / China. Students are also encouraged to participate in international level competitions and activities.


Excellent track record of employability

Our graduates are highly sought after. The high standards and professional relevance of our programme are recognized by employers and industry leaders. Many outstanding students have been offered employment before they graduate.



Industrial attachment provides an integral part of students learning process. Linking the knowledge learnt in the classroom to the actual work environment is vital. By providing experiential education and the necessary resources, students can make sound future career endeavors.


Curriculum that stays relevant to the needs of industry

Our industry-relevant curriculum provides a balance between theoretical and practical applications. The curriculum is structured in such a way so as to encourage individual critical thinking as well as collaborative team-work. We regularly conduct reviews to ensure compliance with latest professional standards and current industry practices.


Sharp focus on biz management issues

Our narrow focus in the field of business and management has enabled us to better tailor our programmes to successfully answer global management challenges that face businesses and industries today and tomorrow.


Excellence in Teaching and Learning

At IBMT, the culture of excellence in teaching and learning extends to both teaching staff and students alike. Lecturers here are dedicated and passionate about their roles as educators. They go out of their way to assist students in their pursuit of knowledge and skills. All of our lecturers have solid academic credentials, and at the same time, they have substantial industry experience.


Small class size and individual attention

At IBMT, we understand the uniqueness of each individual student. We have designed the environment in such a way as to encourage maximum interaction between students and lecturers. In the end, it is intended for each student to get the best learning experience.


English speaking environment

Throughout their studies, students are expected to speak English whenever and whenever possible. Support / upgrading classes are regularly conducted to encourage greater usage of this important language.



Daftar Jurusan di IBMT International University

Program Studi Jurusan Akreditasi
S1 Applied Finance Management and Accounting C
S1 Brand Design Management C
S1 Creative Brand Management C
S1 Creative Business Communications C
S1 Creative Design Management B
S1 Creative Fashion Management B
S1 Creative Marketing Management C
S1 Fashion Management C
S1 International Business Management C