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OTTIMMO International MasterGourmet Academy

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Alamat : Jl. Telaga Golf TC-4 / 2-3 Citraland, Surabaya, Jawa Timur
No Telp : 031-7408809
Thn Berdiri : 2013
Negeri / Swasta : Swasta
Website :
Fasilitas :
Asuransi Kesehatan
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OTTIMMO, International MasterGourmet Academy is now opening its doors to the world and expanding its borders to anyone with huge gastronomic curiosity.


inside the classroom….Masters of food and beverage, service, and gastronomic science offer the very best of their artisan skills. Prime ingredients, local or regional tradition, exceptional rules of cookery and a pinch of originality are being expertly interpreted here at the Academy.


in the food & beverage Production…Our own Gourmet Frenzy® and Gourmet Odyssey® programs are dedicated specially for students and customers so they become knowledgeable in the unique pleasures of culinary and gastronomy arts.


in the Real Life……Because OTTIMMO, International MasterGourmet International is built by people who enjoy their works with enthusiasm, not only we flourish through food’s flavor and aroma and well trained senses but also from hard working to achieve quality and welcoming the knowledge and know how of others.

Program StudiJurusanAkreditasi
D3Baking and Pastry Arts-
D3Culinary Arts (Seni Kuliner)-

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